Deputy Chief Nursing Officer (DCNO) For Renowned Private Hospital

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Full Time
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15 years.
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Job Description


Deputy Chief Nursing Officer in a long-term care facility combines both nursing and administrative skills to meet the challenges of this position. DCNO must be registered nurses who are able to provide patient care. However, their primary responsibilities include act as second line of command of Chief Nursing Officer (CNO). Coordinating the delivery of nursing care, overseeing nurses and other employees, managing communications between nurses and physicians and ensuring that nurses follow regulations and policies.




  • DCNO primary responsibility is to ensure the provision of quality nursing care on a 24-hour basis
  • The incumbent is responsible for the recruitment and hiring of both licensed and non-licensed personnel.
  • DCNO monitors the staffing levels of various nursing sections; and as necessary, directs staff rotations and reschedules personnel to meet increased or decreased nursing service demands.
  • Direct, oversee and evaluate all nursing personnel (registered nurses, LPN etc.)
  • Guide staffing procedures
  • Set objectives and long-term goals for the nursing department
  • Organize and coordinate admission, nursing and patient care procedures
  • Develop and enforce policies aiming for legal compliance and high quality standards
  • Control budgets and monitor expenditures
  • Resolve issues and deficiencies when needed
  • Manage record-keeping procedures
  • Collaborate with other departments and professionals to streamline operations
  • Responsible for overseeing and implementing infection control, pharmaceutical and physical/chemical restraining policies and procedures, and assures that committee recommendations are carried out.
  • This position assists with the preparation of the Departmental annual budget and maintains the operating budgets for personnel and medical equipment and makes budget recommendations as to the purchase of such equipment.

#Additional Responsibilities:

Deputy Chief Nursing Officer (DCNO) should be caring and empathetic people. Though their position requires much more administrative than clinical duties, they still deal with doctors, administrators, other nurses, orderlies, patients and the general public and therefore should enjoy working with and being around people. Determining policy and making difficult decisions on certain cases. Possessing strong leadership qualities, being a good judge of character and developing conflict-resolution skills should also prove helpful.


#Principal Accountabilities:


  • Assist CNO to develops and implements nursing service objectives, policies and procedures to maintain quality nursing care in the Organization
  • Determines staffing levels and monitors for adequacy in provision of nursing care.
  • Oversees administrative functions in Nursing Department.
  • Recommends and collaborates in in-service education programs to promote staff development.
  • Monitors the quality and type of care provided on all residential units, and the resident outcomes influenced by restorative care programming.
  • In the absence of the CNO, the Deputy Chief Nursing Officer is responsible for the overall operations of the facility.


Job Nature

Full Time

Educational Requirements

  • Master’s degree in relevant discipline/ Public health/Health management science
  • B.Sc./ Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery.

Experience Requirements

  • 15 years’ management experience in a reputed hospital.
  • Experience in quality assurance, nurse’s training and education.
  • Experience in Hospital Accreditation based on International Standard is preferable.

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