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We Are Hiring!!!!! Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Some Renowned Group of Companies.

Job Details

Job Nature:
Full time
Job Experience:
15 years
Job Location:
IBA/ MBA/ other relevant degree (Marketing will be preferable).
Salary Range:
Last Date:
No. of Vacancies:

Job Description

This position works in coordination with the executive management team of the company to formulate the marketing strategies and then owns the implementation of those strategies. Our CMO leads the full marketing life cycle: Campaign design, execution, monitoring, optimization and analysis.

A candidate’s digital marketing toolkit should be beyond full; battle tested and optimized. We expect experience with multiple digital marketing channels including, email, LinkedIn, Face book, Twitter, Blog, Partner marketing, SEO, remarketing and pay-per click.

The right candidate should be able to flow back and forth between management and hands on operation, while also being quantitative and knowing that marketing is accountable. The candidate needs to believe in the idea of test, measure, and optimization.

CMO will need experience in the following domains: marketing, sales, strategy, business development, financial services and other related expertise. Show off points will be awarded to those with successful executions of a freemium business model and viral advertising.

The CMO has management responsibility for internal and external marketing functions. A mix of start-up and big company experience is preferred. Personal attributes sought include: high levels of creativity, ener

1.    To formulate appropriate strategy for positioning of each of company current key brands to lead in all segments of market.

2.    To formulate a focused, well differentiated and segmented Portfolio that is capable of delivering short term plan (Annual Business Plan) as well as in line with longer term Strategic Directions.

3.    Drive best practice marketing policies and procedures in conjunction with SBUs and top management in all relevant areas, e.g. establish synergies between SBUs, effective marketing cycle-planning, marketing spending, pre and post sales service, and customer relationship management (CRM).

4.    To ensure market intelligence collection, taking proactive initiatives, putting in place research and analysis structure and process and used to guide decision making, product quality improvements and identify new developments projects which satisfy emerging consumers’ needs. Provide short- and long-term market forecasts and reports by directing market research collection, analysis, and interpretation of market data.

5.    To define and develop Marketing organizational structures that enables the company to effectively meet its Brand and Trade Marketing objectives.

6.    Establish a system of reports and communications for all information from the marketing team to the sales team and for feedback and request from the sales team to the marketing team.

7.    To develop an uncompromising and reliable sense of business ethics and a passion for company Core values within the Marketing & Sales department.

8.    Assess influences and ensure the potential of present capabilities of company units are fully attained/ exploited.

9.    Influences present and future products by determining and evaluating current and future market trends.

10.      Ensure maintain relations with customers by organizing and developing specific customer- relations programs; determining company presence at conventions, annual meetings, trade associations, and seminars.

11.      Develop Brand and Trade Marketing communication strategies to ensure a strict compliance to the principle of being perceived as a responsible company in an industry seen as controversial (i.e. compliance to IMS)

12.     To recruit, train, develop and motivate the best Brand and Trade Marketing talents, raise the standards to the highest level.

13.      Provide any other market support as and when needed.

Job Requirements:

  • Has extensive knowledge of marketing principles.
  • Understands changing market dynamics and prepares the company by developing and implementing strategies to meet the changes in the marketplace.
  • Displays excellent project management abilities.
  • Possesses exceptional verbal and written communication skills as well as strong presentation abilities.
  • Has the ability to motivate and inspire sales and marketing staff.
  • Adjusts to change smoothly and rapidly.
  • Exhibits superior organizational skills and strategic planning abilities.
  • Have strong interpersonal skills as well as negotiation and persuasion abilities.
  • Possesses excellent time management skills and the ability to multi-task effectively.
  • Shows strong leadership skills.
  • Has the ability to network and leverage contacts effectively.

Other Benefits:

As per company policy

Apply Instruction:

  • Send your resume to hr@yesjobsbd.com / yestoall20@yahoo.com
  • CV must be in MS Word format.
  • Mention the position name, Present / Expected salary in the subject line while sending.